Why you should LOVE the Snuggie (or the marketing of)?

Yes, yes, yes… I know, you HATE the snuggie commercials right?  I didn’t mind them so much initially even though I felt the product was ridiculous. Now that I’ve seen it so much I can’t help but mute the TV.  There are plenty of parodies on YouTube regarding the snuggie.  I won’t post them here as they’re not appropriate for wide audiences. If you’d like a good laugh, head over and check it out.

A quick search on Google will yield results that show just HOW popular the snuggie is.  According to multiple sources (through Google), they’ve sold over 4Million snuggies!!  This translates into over $80M in gross sales.  How?


Marketing 101:


EASY to purchase:  Check out their website ww.getsnuggie.com (NOT affiliated) and what is the first thing you notice?  Their landing page is ALL that they need!  You don’t have to dig for the price as it couldn’t get any bigger on their site.  They have a video which explains how it works and you can purchase right on that same page, ingenious marketing!!


NEED: Using their video, they’ve conveyed the problem and the solution to something you may’ve not even been aware of.   They created a need.  You don’t have to instantly convert but guess what?  The next time you use a regular blanket I bet you’ll at least think of the snuggie.  If you ask nearly any female who actually uses blankets with regularity, they will agree then it IS a pain to have to snake your arms out of a regular blanket.


VALUE:  In the beginning of the video they imply you can keep your thermostat low to save money while using the snuggie.  This helps the consumer justify the purchase.  In their mind they compare the $19.95 price to the cost of raising their thermostat a few degrees.


FEELING: Did you notice the video on their website uses a monotone filter for the first portion of the video where they show a distraught blanket user?  They then switch to normal full-color video with vibrant snuggie colors and pleasant music (somewhat).  If you didn’t, go look again.  This gives you feelings regarding the old blanket vs the snuggie.


I didn’t cover all aspects of their marketing but you get the point without the boredom.  Pretty neat huh?  It doesn’t take much of a product just a great team.  We are that team and while we may not be the marketing and promotion experts, we can help you get in contact with the right people.  If you are successful, we are successful!


Want some more pain?  Maybe you’ve seen the Bumpits?  If not, check out their website… http://www.bumpits.com/ and look for another post about them soon!!


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