Wireless Device


This is a project that is nearing prototype completion. We are currently in the testing phase and in parallel establishing our supply chain for each component. We have been successfully able to drive the cost down by eliminating some design creep features. Additionally, some less expensive alternative circuitry has been adopted to combat the originally high-cost.

Current Prototype Specifications:

  • Ultra low power 2.4GHz Class 3 Radio with fantastic hardware link layer
  • Microcontroller and Radio will consume <1uA in sleep mode
  • Initial testing combined with some calculations suggest a 2+ year battery life on a CR2032 coin cell
  • USB port for firmware debugging (will not be on production model)
  • Switching power supply (buck) to eliminate linear regulation inefficiencies.
  • Advanced firmware algorithms for discovery, pairing, collision detection and prevention, and more.
  • Custom membrane switch for both units seen in picture.

If you are interested in a product like this give us a call or fill out our contact form.  We would love to discuss your project with you and potentially offer some new advice.