Here is a product we created for an outdoor gear manufacturer.

This is currently the smallest, self-contained ferrocerium fire-starting tool on the market. It has three pieces and unscrews to assemble and disassemble. It typically resides on a key-chain or in a bag. Unlike most of the competing products, this has a replaceable ferrocerium rod, very effective scraping tool (custom geometry) with a custom made tungsten carbide insert.

We designed, conceptualized, modeled, prototyped and currently have this product manufactured overseas.

The product is CNC Machined on a 2-axis lathe and 3-axis Vertical Machining Center, deburred, bead blasted, anodized, laser engraved, and the striking tool is brazed to the handle. We had our graphic designer create all of the packaging for this product.

See it for sale here