Thermal Controller

Thermal controller PCB

This printed circuit board is used to control a very specific type of heating element. The customer had a fairly large challenge and we were able to meet and exceed their expectations. Here are some highlights:

  • Went from concept to tested and working prototype in 2-weeks. This included thermal and fault testing.
  • Circuit will survive a direct short and recover safely using PTCs (resettable fuses).
  • Uses a phase angle fired SCR to control current to heating element.
  • Actual cost of finished product was nearly 20% less than customer’s best-case-scenario estimate.
  • This solution was suggested by Incredilution and saved our client nearly $400k. We did this by eliminating their COTS solution and targeting what their exact needs were from a specifications stand point. This was possible in this case due to their high quantity requirements.

Finish Product: Potted Thermal Controller

Finish Product: Potted Thermal Controller

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