Custom Electronics Enclosure

Plastic Electronic Enclosure

This is a custom enclosure that we designed for a marketing and cost analysis study. The circuit board dimensions were given along with a napkin drawing and general fit, feel and finish to arrive at a final prototype design. The image above actually depicts the enclosure assembled with several other products we are capable of designing. On the top of the enclosure we have designed a translucent cover for an LED that will convey a visual indication of an event. On the face of the enclosure closest to you we have called out a custom membrane switch with a single button.

The cost to your company to build this enclosure with the LED, custom translucent cover, custom ABS enclosure, and custom membrane switch is less than $3.00 in quantities of 1000. You’re probably thinking … “But I don’t need 1000, I only need 100 to start with”. The good news is: even at low quantities we can get the price down to meet your needs. Give us a call so we can evaluate your cost targets and do a cost analysis on your product too!