Bluetooth IR patch

This product is unique in that it has quite a few specific customer requirements for their application. They wanted to be able to take an infrared input and convert it to bluetooth to be used on an existing product. The product needed to be developed within a very short period of time, be FCC certified, and be within their specified budget. Here are some highlights of the design:

  • 2-stage sequential battery management with adjustable set points for different battery chemistries. The board has an LED that notifies the user when the unit needs to be charged and when the battery becomes critical.
  • COTS bluetooth module with only minor firmware modifications.
  • Smallest footprint possible using specified bluetooth module, connectors, infrared receiver placement, and hole placement. This required the use of 0402 components.
  • Transmit 10m with less than 1/1000 lost packets.
  • Delivered on time and within budget.

Here we have the PCB we designed on the left and the COTS Bluetooth module on the right.  The Bluetooth module actually solders down to the other side of our custom PCB.  That is why the shapes are relatively similar with the exception of our custom PCB being slightly larger.

Bluetooth Infrared Repeater Bluetooth Module

This is a great example of a small project we were able to complete in a very short period of time.  This board was designed and prototyped in house along with the firmware for battery management.  This was all done in about 3 weeks.  If this is something you are interested in having done give us a call!  We are more than happy to go over your project with you.