Alarm System Controller

A new client from Hungary came to us interested in having a very custom alarm system controller board designed.  We were able to exceed their requirements for size, functionality and even include some additional feature requests.  Due to our proximity to Hungary, this entire project was completed using email.

Client Requirements

  1. Alarm system with custom firmware
  2. Multitude of inputs and outputs all with different voltage and current requirements
  3. Specialized buck-boost power supply capable of running on a large DC voltage range.
  4. Source a cost effective COTS (commercial off the shelf) remote control and receiver for integration into the alarm system.
  5. Configurable functions via a bank of two 8 pin dip switches

Project Phases for Prototype Development

  1. Broad requirements provided our by client.  We reviewed the requirements and from them derived the specific approach we would take for their project.  A living document was created whereby we could accommodate any design changes requested by our client.  This was also used to further detail each requirement as the project progressed.
  2. Select the electronic components based on requirements for each function.
  3. Create the electrical schematic and reviewed with client for any final changes.
  4. Create the printed circuit board layout, trace routing, trace thickness and spacing, layer organization and all details required to manufacture the circuit board.
  5. Order the electronic components and prototype circuit boards.
  6. Further define logic requirements (what will happen and when) with client for firmware development.
  7. Begin firmware development.
  8. Receive prototype circuit boards and parts.
  9. Assemble prototype boards and test block by block (power supply, outputs, inputs, remote control, etc)
  10. Finish firmware development using hardware to test.
  11. Final functional testing to validate prototype firmware.
  12. Send board to client for verification and sign-off on design.

Completed Prototype Circuit Board

Our client needed 10 circuit boards for further market research and testing.  We implemented all revisional changes to the circuit board design along with client requested changes and had a small pre-production lot manufactured using our PCB supplier in China.

Firmware programming and final functional test.