Our Work

We have a wide array of projects that have been completed over the last few years.  Due to intellectual property rights and non-disclosure agreements with some clients, the best projects often go under the radar.  Here are a few interesting projects that we are able to show.  Please contact us to inquire about a specific type of project not seen here.

Camping Tool

A machined aluminum assembly for an outdoor manufacturer.  It is the first of its kind and raises the bar for outdoor gear quality and design.  Click here for more pictures and information or visit the manufacturer.

Power Over Ethernet Injector

This is a 6-port power over Ethernet injector. Each connector (2 jacks on each) has an incoming (non-powered) and outgoing jack to which power is added. The switches on the board control polarity and voltage for each port individually. The entire board is current and temperature limited. Additionally, each port is current limited so it will not effect another port. The LEDs signal voltage (red,blue,green) and polarity (red,green). Every port has ESD protection from cable discharge (common among Ethernet devices) and human body discharge. The board works with incoming DC voltages in the range of 30V-50V and uses a buck switching power supply to lower down to 12V and 24V with sufficient current. More pictures here …

Alarm System Controller

A new client from Hungary came to us interested in having a very custom alarm system controller board designed.  We were able to exceed their requirements for size, functionality and even include some additional feature requests.  Due to our proximity to Hungary, this entire project was completed using email.  Here are the nitty gritty details…

RFID Transceiver and Protocol Bridge

Here we designed an RFID reader and writer along with a protocol bridge to communicate with another microcontroller.  This board will read high frequency (13.56MHz) tags that come in many different sizes.  The tag shown on the antenna in the picture is one typically embedded into a label, clothing, or other inventory items.  The yellowish circuit board is a prototype RFID antenna used for testing and proof of concept.  The final antenna design is currently pending patent award and revolutionary in the industry it is being used.

Bluetooth to Infrared Converter

Bluetooth Infrared Repeater

This product is unique in that it has quite a few specific customer requirements for their application. They wanted to be able to take an infrared input and convert it to bluetooth to be used on an existing product. The product needed to be developed within a very short period of time, be FCC certified, and be within their specified budget.  Here are some highlights of the design …

Thermal (heating element) controller

Thermal controller PCB

This printed circuit board is used to control a very specific type of heating element. The customer had a fairly large challenge and we were able to meet and exceed their cost expectations.  Check out the technical details …

Wireless Device


Here is a wireless transceiver that utilizies a 2.4GHz radio.  This project required very low current consumption to acheive a 1-2 year battery life from a small coin cell.  The wirless transceiver pairs with a base station containing the same radio for communication and processing of information.  The base station required a high efficiency power supply so that it could also be run on a battery.  This is an internal project of ours with nothing else like it on the market.  More details here…

Custom Electronics Enclosure

Plastic Electronic Enclosure

This is a custom enclosure that we designed for a marketing and cost analysis study. The circuit board dimensions were given along with a napkin drawing and general fit, feel and finish to arrive at a final prototype design.  The cost to your company to build this enclosure with the LED, custom translucent cover, custom ABS enclosure, and custom membrane switch is … details here …