About Us

Incredilution is a small product development firm run by a guy named Rob.  We have experience developing projects ranging from consumer products to military weapon training systems.  We keep a lean development team to offer not only the best solution but also rapid development.  You could say we are a focused team of professionals with just the right mix of backgrounds and experience to turn your great idea into a real, marketable product.

We specialize in seamless integration of all areas required to bring a product to market, from concept to production. Our strengths are not only in our Engineering aptitude, but also in our network of suppliers and manufacturers.


Rob graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.  He began his career working for Syntech Systems, Inc. out of Tallahasse, FL as an Embedded Hardware and Firmware Electrical Engineer.  He was responsible in part for the hardware and firmware than ran Syn-tech’s Automated Point of Sale device used to track mobile fueling transactions for the Military.  After a rewarding career with Syntech, Rob moved to Atlanta, GA taking a position with Meggitt Training Systems (formerly FATS, Inc.)  At Meggitt, Rob became an integral member of the weapon simulation development team where he was responsible for weapon electrical hardware and firmware.  In 2009, Rob started his own product development firm, Incredilution.

Thomas comes from an extensive background in tool and die manufacturing, prototyping, and product development.  After apprenticing as a tool and die maker, Tony started his career as a Production machinist with Meggitt Training Systems (formerly FATS, Inc.).  He was quickly promoted to R&D model maker where he was responsible for prototyping, machining, and product development of weapon simulators.  After years of first-hand experience working with mechanical engineers and offering invaluable project contributions, he was promoted to a Mechanical Engineer.  With his extensive knowledge and experience working with weapon simulators he became an expert in mechanical weapon simulator design.  His keen attention to detail and knack for quality and craftsmanship often earns his work the adjective “Tony-rific”.