Easy No-kink Hose

We’ve all been worn out by cheap kinky hoses. So you’re leaving for work and notice that your flowers are dying and need to throw some water on them real quick. You go to drag the hose out to where you need it and then run back to the house to turn it on. After cranking on the faucet you run back to the end of the hose to water the flowers. Pull the trigger on your nozzle and….. nothing.

There are many different ways to skin a cat as there are to make a kink resistant hose. Here is a neat one I came across while disassembling the coffee maker for a one-on-one cleaning session. I didn’t get to what I wanted to clean but I sure got some cool pictures.

Spring inside small tubing

Notice a small spring is used within the hose. It starts prior to the arc in the hose and ends shortly after. This provides internal support that keeps the hose from kinking. In this case they’re simply using it because they have a tight radius to bend around. In some cases this method can also be used to prevent hose collapse under high vacuum. Typically you would use a hose designed to withstand the vacuum, however sometimes these problems don’t creep up until the products hit the production line.

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